Impacts separation can have on your children.

Impacts separation can have on your children.

impacts on children - Impacts separation can have on your children.

Your children are also impacted during separation.  This is inevitable and although it is not a reason for you to stay in an unhappy relationship, it is definitely a reason to separate as amicably as possible.

What your child can experience during this time.

  • Their stress levels will increase, so they may be more snappy and teary than they usually are.
  • Their sleep patterns may vary.
  • They may want to spend more time by your side.
  • If they are young they may revert back a milestone, example if they are toilet training this may be more difficult, if they are walking they may crawl again and if they are speaking they may go back to some baby talk.
  • Their memory may be impacted, making school and homework more difficult for a period of time.
  • They may not know which parent they can talk to or trust and hold onto their emotions. If this is a case having another family member or friend spend time with them can be useful.
  • They may be very angry at both of you for changing their world.  Let them express this emotion but be mindful to still use discipline strategies if they act out inappropriately.
  • They might want to spend more time with their friends, if this is possible allow it, in these moments your child gets to relax and let go of some stress.

As long as you can spend time with your child, validate their emotions and let them know that they are still safe and secure they just like you will get through this difficult time.

If they are involved in lengthy court battles then these symptoms will just increase and can then impact their mental health and their ability to have positive relationships in the future.

So please consider this when you are choosing your path of separation.

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